Below is working list of current, in-print CDs (and a few LPs) featuring international folkoric and vernacular music from commercial 78rpm records. It is very much a work-in-progress. If you know of an in-print CD that needs to be added, or an out-of-print CD that needs to be removed, contact me at excavatedshellac [at] yahoo [dot] com. Please do not be surprised if I’ve missed your favorite disc – this is a fairly large undertaking. I’d like to keep it as up to date as possible as sometimes in this small market, CDs (and often labels themselves) come and go rather quickly.

This list does not contain:

1. Any out of print releases
2. Any U.S. archival country, blues, and jazz releases (one can easily find that information elsewhere)
3. CD collections of field recordings
4. CD collections from ethnographic institutions
5. CD collections of radio transcriptions
6. Releases which contain only a few 78rpm transfers
7. Comments on sound quality or transfers
8. Links to distributors, online stores, etc.

Regarding placement of CDs – classification was somewhat difficult to keep simple, as some CDs contain a type of music associated with one country, but recorded in another (tango in Europe, for instance). Bear with me for the time being.

With thanks to: Cormac O’Donoghue, Tony Klein, David Murray, Dax Diaz, Ray Templeton, Volkan Kaya, Sam Siebert, John Bennet, and Klaus Frederking. Additions, subtractions, and clarifications welcome – please contact at the e-mail address on the “About” page.


New Additions (2015-2017)
Greece – “Kostis” – The Jail’s A Fine School (Olvido)
Greece – Kostas Bezos and the White Birds (Olvido)
Greece – Various – Samos at 78 rpm (University of Crete)
Greece – Various – Why the Mountains are Black (Third Man)
Egypt – Sami al-Shawwa – Prince of the Violin (AMAR Foundation)
Indonesia – Various – Bali 1928, Vol. 4, Music from Temple Festivals and Death Rituals (World Arbiter)
Vietnam – Various – Nho Viet Nam Xua – Nostalgique Vietnam: Chansons de charme, poemes et prieres 1937-1954 (Buda Musique)
Various – Chekhov’s Band: Eastern European Klezmer Music, 1908-1913 (Renair)
Various – Excavated Shellac: Reeds (Dust-to-Digital)
Various – Hotter In Hawaii (JSP)
Various – Indian Talking Machine (Sublime Frequencies)
Various – Shanghai Famous Discontinued Hits of the 1930s and 1940s, Vol. 1 (Far East Music)


Africa (general)
Various – Echoes of Africa: Early Recordings (Wergo)
Various – Musique Populaire Africaine, Archives 1926-1952 (Buda Musique)
Various – Opika Pende: Africa at 78 rpm (Dust-to-Digital)
Various – The Secret Museum of Mankind: East Africa (Yazoo)

Various – Albanian Village Music, Musika Fshatarake Shqiptare (Heritage)
Various – Don’t Trust Your Neighbors (Hinter)

Mohammed El Kamal – Humerous Songwriters of the 30s (Buda Musique) (OOP?)
Various – Chanteurs Juifs d’Algerie (MLP Music)

Juan D’Arienzo – King of Rhythm, 1937-1944 (Harlequin)
Biancho-Bachicha – Argentina in Paris, Vol. 2 , 1926-1928  (Harlequin)
Miguel Caló & His Orchestra of the Stars – 1942-1950 (Harlequin)
Francisco Canaro – 1924-1940 (Harlequin)
Francisco Canaro – Adios Muchachos, 1926-1938 (Harlequin)
Julio de Caro – 1926-1932 (Harlequin)
Ignacio Corsini – The Prince of Song, 1922-1940 (Harlequin)
Roberto Firpo – 1920-1944 (Harlequin)
Carlos Gardel – Anthologie (Fremeaux)
Carlos Gardel – The Magic of Carlos Gardel (Harlequin)
Orquesta Típica Victor – 1926-1931 (Various)
Astor Piazzola y su Orchestra Tipica – Anthologie, 1941-1948 (Fremeaux)
Manuel Pizzarro – Argentina in Paris, 1924-1950 (Fremeaux)
Osvaldo Pugliese – In the 1940s (Harlequin)
Various – Argentine: Valses-Tango-Milonga, 1907-1950 (Fremeaux)
Various – Before the Tango: Argentina’s Folk Tradition (Harlequin)
Various – Buenos Aires to Berlin: Argentine Tango Bands in Germany, 1927-1939 (Harlequin)
Various – Buenos Aires to Europe, 1925-1942 (Harlequin)
Various – Buenos Aires to Madrid: Argentine Tango Bands in Spain, 1927-1941 (Harlequin)
Various – Classic Bands of Tango’s Golden Age (Harlequin)
Various – German Tango Orchestras, 1926-1942 (Harlequin) [Argentine songs]
Various – Instrumental Tangos of the Golden Age (Harlequin)
Various – Instrumental Tangos of the Old Guard, 1913-1930 (Harlequin)
Various – Le Tango a Paris, 1907-1941 (Fremeaux)
Various – Orquestra Típica Select (Harlequin)
Various – Tango – Buenos Aires, 1904-1950 (Fremeaux)
Various – Tango Ladies (Harlequin)
Atahualpa Yupanqui – Piedra y Camino, 1936-1947 (DiscMedi)

Marko Melkon – s/t (Traditional Crossroads)
Various – Armenians on 8th Avenue (Traditional Crossroads)
Voice of Komitas (Traditional Crossroads)

Various – Die Besten Schrammeln Instrumental (Trikont)
Various – Oberrösterreich – Volksmusik (Trikont)
Various – Wein – Volksmusik (Trikont)

Balkans (general)
Various – Tamburitza! Hot String Band Music (Arhoolie)

Various – Texas Czech Bohemian-Moravian Bands: Historic Recordings, 1929-1959 (Arhoolie)

Bando da Lua – Brazilian Harmony (?? – available via Far Side Music)
Ary Barroso – Compositions 1930-1942 (Harlequin)
Luiz Gonzaga – O Rei do Baiao (?? – available via Far Side Music)
Carmen Miranda – The Brazilian Recordings (Harlequin)
Carmen Miranda – 1930-1945 (Harlequin)
Pixinguinha – O Maestro do Brasil (Rice)
Pixinguinha & Benedicto Lacerda – Choro (? – available at Far Side Music)
Noel Rosa – No Tempo do Noel Rosa (? – available at Far Side Music)
Noel Rosa – Poeta da Vila (? – available at Far Side Music)
Various – Bahia Aux Sertões, 1939-1955 (Fremeaux)
Various – Brazilian Big Bands, 1904-1954 (Fremeaux)
Various – Bresil: Le Chant du Nordeste, 1928-1950 (Fremeaux)
Various – Bresil: Choro – Samba – Frevo, 1914-1945 (Fremeaux)
Various – Choro: Anthologie, 1906-1947 (Fremeaux)
Various – Les Precurseurs de la Bossa Nova/Roots of Bossa Nova, 1948-1957 (Fremeaux)
Various – Samba: Batuque – Partido Alto – Samba, 1917-1947 (Fremeaux)
Various – Sambistas da Bossa (?? – available via Far Side Music)

Various – Outsinging the Nightingale: Lost Treasures of Bulgarian Music (JSP)
Various – Song of the Crooked Dance: Early Bulgarian Traditional Music, 1927-42 (Yazoo)

Nathan Abshire – French Blues (Arhoolie)
Amédé Ardoin – I’m Never Comin’ Back (Arhoolie)
Amédé Ardoin – Mama, I’ll Be Long Gone (Tomkins Square)
Harry Choates – Devil in the Bayou (Bear Family)
Harry Choates – Fiddle King of Cajun Swing (Arhoolie)
Harry Choates – Five Time Loser, 1940-1951 (Krazy Kat)
Hackberry Ramblers – Early Recordings: 1935-1950 (Arhoolie)
Various – 15 Louisiana Cajun Classics (Arhoolie)
Various – Cajun Breakdown: Cajun String Bands of the 1930s (Arhoolie)
Various – Cajun Champs (Arhoolie)
Various – Cajun Country Vol. 2 (JSP)
Various – Cajun: Early Recordings (JSP)
Various – Cajun Honky Tonk (Arhoolie)
Various – Cajun: Louisiane, 1928-1939 (Fremeaux)
Various – Cajun: Rare and Authentic (JSP)
Various – Early American Cajun Music (Yazoo)

Various – Quebec: Cent Ans de Chansons Folkloriques (Fremeaux)
Various – 100 Ans de Musique Traditionelle Québecoise – Premiére Epoque, 1900-1940 (Transit)
Various – 100 Ans de Musique Traditionelle Québecoise – Deuxième Epoque, 1940-1960 (Transit)

Caribbean (Trinidad, Martinique, etc.)
Lionel Belasco – Goodnight Ladies & Gents: The Creole Music of Lionel Belasco (Rounder)
Sam Castandet – Festival Biguine (Fremeaux)
Ernest Léardée – Rythmes des Antilles, 1951-1954 (Fremeaux)
Lovey’s Original Trinidad String Band – Calypso Dawn: 1912 (Bear Family)
Wilmouth Houdini – Poor But Ambitious (Arhoolie)
Sir Lancelot – Trinidad is Changing (Flyright)
Stellio – Integrale Chronologique, 1929-1931 (Fremeaux)
Various – Au Bal Antillais: Creole Biguines from Martinique (Arhoolie)
Various – Biguine – Biguine Valses et Mazurka Creoles (1930-1944) (Fremeaux)
Various – Biguine à la Canne à Sucre, 1946-1949 (Fremeaux)
Various – Biguine Vol. 1, 1929-1940 (Fremeaux)
Various – Biguine Vol. 2, 1930-1943 (Fremeaux)
Various – Calypso Breakaway, 1927-1941 (Rounder)
Various – Calypso Carnival, 1936-1941 (Rounder)
Various – Calypso Pioneers, 1912-1937 (Rounder)
Various – Calypsos From Trinidad: Politics, Intrigue and Violence in the 1930s (Arhoolie)
Various – Early Music of the North Caribbean, 1916-1920 (Harlequin) [includes Puerto Rico]
Various – Fall of Man: Calypsos on the Human Condition, 1935-1941 (Rounder)
Various – Music of Martinique, 1929-1950 (Flyright)
Various – Parfum des Iles: Florilege Antillais de l’Apres Guerre, 1946-1950 (Fremeaux)
Various – Roosevelt in Trinidad: Calypsos of Events, Places, and Personalities, 1933-1939 (Rounder)
Various – Shango, Shouter & Obeah: Supernatural Calypso from Trinidad, 1934-1940 (Rounder)
Various – Swing Caraibe: Caribbean Jazz Pioneers in Paris
Various – Trinidad, 1912-1941 (Harlequin)
Various – West Indian Rhythm: Calypso, 1938-1940 (Bear Family)

Central Asia (general)
Various – The Secret Museum of Mankind: Central Asia (Yazoo)

Various – General Zhao Zi Long, On Horseback, Saves His Master All By Himself (Year Zero)
Various – Rain Dropping on the Banana Tree: An Anthology of Chinese Classical Music (Rounder)
Various – Shanghai Famous Discontinued Hits of the 1930s and 1940s, Vol. 1 (Lee Leng Kok, Farside Music dist.)

Franco & OK Jazz – Originalité (RetroAfric)
Jean-Bosco Mwenda and Edouard Masengo (Elijah Wald)
Jean-Bosco Mwenda and friends: Katanga Acoustic guitar (Elijah Wald)
Various – Africa Pearls 1: Congo – Rumba on the River (Syllart)
Various – Congo Jazz (multiple volumes, compiled by DJ Blue Flamingo)
Various – Roots of Rhumba Rock, 1953-1955 (Crammed)
Various – The World Is Shaking (Honest Jons)

Cuba (and Cuban-American)
Antobal’s Cubans – 1932-1937 (Harlequin)
Desi Arnaz – Desi Arnaz: 1937-1947
Don Azpiazu – s/t (Harlequin)
Don Barreto et son Orchestre Cubain – Vol. 2, 1932-1936 (Harlequin)
Don Marino Barreto – 1939-1943 (Harlequin)
Don Barreto – Vol. 3, Melody’s Bar, 1932-1946 (Harlequin)
Oscar Calle – 1932-1939 (Harlequin)
Cuarteto Caney – 1936-1939 (Harlequin)
Xavier Cugat – Bim Bam Bum, 1935-1940 (Harlequin)
Xavier Cugat – The Early Years, 1933-1938 (Harlequin)
Xavier Cugat – Weekend in Havana, 1940-1947 (Harlequin)
Xavier Cugat – Jack Jack Jack, 1947-1949 (Harlequin)
Xavier Cugat with José Luis Moneró – 1946-1948 (Harlequin)
Lecuona Cuban Boys – Vol. 1 (Harlequin)
Lecuona Cuban Boys – Vol. 5, 1932-1940 (Harlequin)
Antonio Machín – Vol. 2, 1932-1933 (Harlequin)
Antonio Machín – Vol. 3, 1933-1934 (Harlequin)
Antonio Machín – Vol. 5, 1935, Cuarteto and Septeto (Harlequin)
Pedro Marcano – 1935-1940 (Harlequin)
Nilo Menéndez – 1934-1938 (Harlequin)
Armando Orefiche & His Havana Cuban Boys – s/t (Harlequin)
Rico’s Creole Band – Cuba in Paris, 1947-1951 (Fremeaux)
Rico’s Creole Band – 1931-1937 (Harlequin)
Rico’s Creole Band – Vol. 2, 1931-1934 (Harlequin)
Anselmo Sacasas & His Orchestra – 1942-1944 (Harlequin)
Septeto Anacaona & Ciro Rimac – 1936-1937 (Harlequin)
Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Pineiro – s/t (
Sexteto Habanero – 1926-1931 (Harlequin)
Sexteto Habanero – 1926-1948 (Harlequin)
Sextetos Cubanos, Vol. 1, Sones 1930 (Arhoolie)
Sextetos Cubanos, Vol. 2, Sones 1926-1928 (Arhoolie)
Miguelito Valdés – Havana, 1938-1940 (Harlequin)
Felix Valvert – Les Annees Cubaines, 1944-1948 (Fremeaux)
Various – Bal à La Havane, 1926-1937 (Fremeaux)
Various – Cuban Big Bands, 1940-1942 (Harlequin)
Various – Cuban Counterpoint: History of the Son Montuno (Rounder)
Various – The Cuban Danzón (Arhoolie)
Various – Cuban Danzoneras, 1932-1946 (Harlequin)
Various – Cuban Sextetos and Conjuntos, 1940-1942 (Harlequin)
Various – Cuban Trios, 1940-1941 (Harlequin)
Various – Cubans in Europe, 1929-1932 (Harlequin)
Various – Cubans in Europe, Vol. 2, 1929-1934 (Harlequin)
Various – Cubans in Europe, Vol. 3, 1934-1954 (Harlequin)
Various – Early Cuban Danzón Orchestras, 1916-1920 (Harlequin)
Various – Güiro, Bongó y Maracas: Cuban Dance Bands in New York, 1931-1938 (Harlequin)
Various – Hot Music from Cuba, 1907-1936 (Harlequin)
Various – La Leyanda de la Musica Cuba (?? – available via Far Side Music)
Various – The Music of Cuba, 1909-1951 (Columbia)
Various – Out of Cuba: Latin American Music Takes Africa By Storm (Topic)

East Africa (general)
Various – Poetry and Languid Charm: Swahili Music from Tanzania and Kenya from the Late 1920s to the 1950s (Topic)
Various – Something Is Wrong: Vintage Recordings from East Africa (Honest Jons)

Eastern Europe
Various – The Widow’s Joy: Eastern European Immigrant Dances in America, 1925-1930 (Canary)

Egypt / Lebanon / Syria
Asmahan – Le Coeur a ses Raisons (Buda Musique)
Abd Al-Hayy Hilmi – An Anthology (AMAR Foundation)
Oum Kalthoum – El Sett (Buda Musique)
Oum Kalthoum – Soundtrack Cuts (Buda Musique)
Oum Kalthoum – Tichouf Oumori (Buda Musique)
Sami al-Shawwa – Prince of the Violin (AMAR Foundation)
Yusuf Al-Manyalawi – The Voice of the Nahda Era (AMAR Foundation)
Mohamed Abdel Wahab – Kollina Neheb Elqamar (Buda Musique)
Various – Early Singers from Bilad al-Sham (AMAR Foundation)
Various – Women of Egypt: Pioneers of Stardom and Fame (Topic)

Azmari Tèssèma Eshète – Ethiopiques Vol. 27: Centennial of the First Ethiopian Music Recordings (Buda Musique)

Europe (general)
Various – Early Tzigane Records; Budapest – Monte Carlo – Madrid – Berlin – Paris, 1898-1922 (Fremeaux)
Various – Patchwork Europe: Early Recordings (Wergo)
Various – Tziganes: Paris/Berlin/Budapest, 1910-1935 (Fremeaux)

Arthur Kylander – Oi, Kuinka Engeliksi Mielin (Kansanmusiikki-Instituutti)

Various – Cafe de Paris, 1930-1941 (Music Club)

Various – Drinking Horns and Gramophones: The First Recordings in the Georgian Republic, 1902-1914 (Traditional Crossroads)

Comedian Harmonists – The Comedian Harmonists  (Hannibal)
Comedian Harmonists – Mein kleiner gruener Kaktus  (Selected Sound Carrier)
Various – Bayern – Volksmusik (Trikont)
Various – München – Volkssänger (Trikont)

Jacob Sam and Kumasi 3 – Jacob Sam and Kumasi 3, 1928 (Heritage)
King Bruce and the Black Beats – Golden Highlife Classics (RetroAfric)
Kumasi Trio – Kumasi Trio, 1928 (Heritage)
E.T. Mensah – All For You (RetroAfric)
E.T. Mensah – Day by Day (RetroAfric)
E.T. Mensah & the Tempos – King of Highlife Anthology (Sterns)
The West African Instrumental Quintet, 1929 – s/t (Heritage)
Various – Early Guitar Music from West Africa, 1927-1929 (Heritage)
Various – Ghana Popular Music, 1931-1957 (Arion)

Dmitris Atraidis – Greek Archives: Dimitris Atraidis sings Amanedes Rebetika and Folk Songs (FM)
Dmitri Atraidis & Costas Nouros – Greek Archives: D. Atraidis & C. Nouros sing Amanedes and Rebetika (FM)
Yiorgos Batis – The Complete Works of Yiorgos Batis (Falireas)
Andonis Dalgas – s/t (Falireas)
Anestis Delias & Markos Melkon – s/t (Falireas)
Roza Eskenazi – Rembetissa (Rounder)
Gus Gadinis – Greek Clarinet in the US (Falireas)
Yiorgos Katsaros – s/t (Falireas)
Stelios Keromytis – s/t (Falireas)
“Kostis” – The Jail’s A Fine School (Olvido)
Konstandinos Nouros – The Phenomenal Voice from Smyrna (Falireas)
Yiorgos Papasideris – Greek Archives: Yiorgos Papasideris Sings Amanedes and Rebetika (FM)
Yiorgos Papasideris – Greek Archives: Yiorgos Papasideris Sings Rare Folk Songs (Greek & Arvanitic) (FM)
Vassilis Tsitsanis – Rembetika 3: Vassilis Tsitsanis: Important Pre-War Rembetika, 1936-1940 (JSP)
Vassilis Tsitsanis – Rembetika 4: Vassilis Tsitsanis: The Postwar Years, 1946-1954 (JSP)
Yiovan Tsaous – The Complete Works of Yiovan Tsaous (Falireas)
Markos Vamvakaris – Bouzouki Pioneer, 1932-1940 (Rounder)
Markos Vamvakaris – Master of Rembetika – Rembetika 5 (JSP)
Vidalis Yorghos – Greek Archives: Vidalis Yorghos – 1926-1933 (FM)
Various – Amalia! Old Greek Songs in the New Land (Arhoolie)
Various – Authentic Recordings from Smyrna & Istanbul before 1922 (Falireas)
Various – Beyond Rembetika (JSP)
Various – Five Days Married and Other Laments (Angry Mom)
Various – From Tambouras to Bouzouki: The History and Evolution of the Bouzouki and its First Recordings (1926-1932) (Orpheum Records)
Various – Greek-Oriental Rebetika: Songs and Dances in the Asia Minor Style, 1911-1937 (Arhoolie)
Various – Greek Archives: About Indian Cannabis 1928-1946 (FM)
Various – Greek Archives: Amalia Vaka – Ionnina Songs in Amerika 1927-1943 (FM)
Various – Greek Archives: Anthology of Rebetiko Song Vol. 1 (1933-1940 (FM)
Various – Greek Archives: Anthology of Smyrnean Songs, 1920-1938 Vol. 1 (FM)
Various – Greek Archives: Athenian Songs, 1920-1930 (FM)
Various – Greek Archives: The Greek Folk Song in America (FM)
Various – Greek Archives: Memory of Smyrna (FM)
Various – Greek Archives: Music from Epirus, 1925-1940 (FM)
Various – Greek Archives: Music from Epirus, Vol. 2 (FM)
Various – Greek Archives: The Rebetiko Song in America Vol. 3 (1945-1960) (FM)
Various – Greek Archives: The Rebetiko Revue (FM)
Various – Greek Archives: Songs of Manghes Vol. 1, 1928-1938 (FM)
Various – Greek Archives: Songs of the Underground (FM)
Various – Greek Rhapsody (Dust-to-Digital)
Various – Homesick: Rembetika and Folk Recordings in the US (Falireas)
Various – L’Orient des Grecs-The Orient o the Greeks (Buda Musique)
Various – Lost Homelands: The Smyrniac Song in Greece, 1928-1935 (Heritage)
Various – Mortika: Rare Vintage Recordings From a Greek Underworld (Arko)
Various – Mourmoúrika: Songs of the Greek Underworld, 1930-1955 (Rounder)
Various – Rebetika 1918-1954 (Kalan)
Various – Rebetika 2: Old Songs from Istanbul and Izmir (Kalan)
Various – Rembetica: Historic Urban Folk Songs from Greece (Rounder)
Various – Rembetika: Music of the Greek Underground, 1925-1947 (JSP)
Various – Rembetika: Songs of Love, Exile, Prison and Hash Dens (Kalan)
Various – Rembetika 2: More Music of the Greek Underground, 1908-1946 (JSP)
Various – Rembetika and Smyrneika Released in the US (Falireas)
Various – Rembetika and Smyrneika Released in the US & The TB Songs (Falireas)
Various – The Rembetiko & Smyrneiko Scene in New York: 1917-38 (Falireas)
Various – Remembrances of a Music Scene: The Smyrneiko Era, 1907-39 (Falireas)
Various – The Road to Rembetika (Traditional Crossroads)
Various – Women of Rembetica (Rounder)
Various – Women of Rembetika, 1908-1947 (JSP)
Alexis Zoumbas – A Lament for Epirus (1926-1928) (Angry Mom)

**Falireas CDs are available through their website, but as of this writing, they cannot accept credit cards.

Bordin, Gino – Virtuose de la Guitare Hawaiienne (Grass Skirt)
Sol Hoopii & His Novelty Quartet – Classic Hawaiian Steel Guitar Performances, 1933-1934 (Origin Jazz Library)
Sol Hoopii – King of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar: Acoustic and Electric, 1927-1936 (Hana Ola Records)
Sol Hoopii – Ali’i O Kika Kila – King of The Hawaiian Guitar (Far Side Music)
Sol Hoopii – Master of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar (Rounder)
Sol Hoopii – Master of the Hawaiian Guitar, Vol. 2 (Rounder)
Sol Hoopii – Sol Hoopii in Hollywood: His First Recordings, 1925 (Grass Skirt)
Jim and Bob – Genial Hawaiians (Grass Skirt)
Kalama’s Quartet – Early Hawaiian Classics, 1927-1932 (Arhoolie)
George Ku’s Paradise Islanders (Grass Skirt)
Lena Machado – Hawaii’s Song Bird (Far Side Music)
Felix Mendelssohn & His Hawaiian Serenaders – Paradise Isle (Harlequin)
Various – Hawaiian Music (Fremeaux)
Various – Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics (Arhoolie)
Various – Hawaiians in Paris, 1916-1926 (Fremeaux)
Various – Hotter In Hawaii (JSP)
Various – Hula Blues (Rounder)
Various – Isle of Golden Dreams: Music of Hawaii (Harlequin)
Various – On a Coconut Island: Music of Hawaii (Harlequin)
Various – Paris, Plages d’Hawaii (Paris Jazz Corner)
Various – Rhythm of the Islands: Music of Hawaii, 1913-1952 (Harlequin)
Various – Steeling Around the World, Hawaiian Style (Harlequin)
Various – Tickling the Strings: Music of Hawaii, 1929-1952 (Harlequin)
Various – Twilight in Hawaii: Legends of Hawaiian Music (Sounds of the World)
Various – Vintage Hawaiian Music – The Great Singers: 1928-34 (Rounder)
Various – Vintage Hawaiian Music – Steel Guitar Masters: 1928-34 (Rounder)
Various – Vintage Hawaiian Treasures Vol. 7: The History of Slack Key Guitar (Hana Ola)
Sam Ku West – Hawaiian Hula Blues: Acoustic Steel Guitar Masterpieces, 1927-1928 (Grass Skirt) – deleted, as of 4/13

Bai Sundara Bai – Vintage 78rpm Records (Saregama)
Dr. Gangubai Hangal – Golden Milestones (Saregama)
Surashri Kesarbai Kerkar – Vintage 78rpm Records (Saregama)
Abdul Karim Khan – s/t (Canary)
Ustad Bismillah Khan – Vintage 78rpm Records (Saregama)
Ustad Faiyaz Khan Sahib – Golden Shadows (Felmay Dunya)
Various – Indian Talking Machine (Sublime Frequencies)
Various – Shir Hodu: Jewish Song from Bombay of the  30s (Renair)
Various – Vintage Music from India – Early Twentieth Century Classical and Light Classical Music (Rounder)
Narayanrao Vyas – Golden Milestones (Saregama)

Various – Kroncong: Early Indonesian Pop Music, Vol. 1 (Rice)
Various – Bali 1928, Vol. 1: Gamelan Gong Kebyar (World Arbiter)
Various – Bali 1928, Vol. 2, Tembang Kuna, Songs from an Earlier Time (World Arbiter)
Various – Bali 1928, Vol. 3, Lotring and the Sources of Gamelan Tradition (World Arbiter)
Various – Bali 1928, Vol. 4, Music from Temple Festivals and Death Rituals (World Arbiter)
Various – The Roots of Gamelan: Bali, 1928 (World Arbiter)

Various – Let No One Judge You: Early Recordings from Iran, 1906-1933 (Honest Jons)

Daoud & Saleh Al-Kuwaity – Their Star Shall Never Fade (Sterns Music USA)
Various – Give Me Love: Songs of the Brokenhearted: Baghdad, 1925-1929 (Honest Jons)
Various – Shbahoth: Iraqi-Jewish Song from the 1920s (Renair)

Michael Coleman – The Enduring Magic (Coleman)
Peter Conlon – The Genius of Peter Conlon (OldTime Records)
John Feeney – When Its Moonlight In Mayo (Viva Voce)
Michael Gorman – The Sligo Champion (Topic)
Paddy Killoran/James Morrison – From Ballymote to Brooklyn (Coleman)
Delia Murphy – The Legendary Queen of Irish Folk (Phonograph)
Frank Quinn – If You Are Irish (Arhoolie)
Leo Rowsome – Classics of Irish Piping (Topic)
Various – Ballinasloe Fair: Early Recordings of Irish Music in America (Traditional Crossroads)
Various – The Fiddler’s Delight: Recordings of Irish Traditional Irish Fiddle Playing 1921 – 1945 (OldTime Records)
Various – From Galway to Dublin: Early Recordings of Traditional Irish Music (Rounder)
Various – The Great Ceili Bands Vol. 1 (Celtic Grooves)
Various – If There Weren’t Any Women in the World: Recordings of Irish Traditional Music by Women 1923 – 1942 (OldTime Records)
Various – I’m Leaving Tipperary (Globe Style)
Various – Irish Dance Music (Topic)
Various – Irish in America, 1910-1942 (Fremeaux)
Various – Milestone at the Garden: Irish Fiddle Masters from the 78rpm Era (Rounder)
Various – Oldtime Records Vol. 1, U. S. Recordings: Traditional Irish Recordings from the 1920s and 1930s (Celtic Grooves)
Various – Oldtime Records Vol. 2, U.S. Recordings: Traditional Irish Recordings from 1923 to 1947 (Celtic Grooves)
Various – Oldtime Records Vol. 3, Piping Rarities (Celtic Grooves)
Various – Past Masters of Irish Dance Music (Topic)
Various – Past Masters of Irish Fiddle Music (Topic)
Various – Round the House and Mind the Dresser (Topic)
Various – Wheels of the World, Volumes 1 and 2 (Yazoo)

Various – Ballabili a 78 Giri: Le Proposte di Musica da Ballo nei Cataloghi Italiani di Dischi (1919-1955) (Materiali Sonori)
Various – I Miricani: L’avventura Discographica dei Siciliani in America negli Anni Dell’emigrazione (Materiali Sonori)
Various – In Dialetto Sardo: Music of Sardinia, 1930-1932 (Heritage)
Various – Italian String Virtuosi (Rounder)
Various – Paese Mio Bello (JSP)
Various – Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle: Repertori Popolari Italiani di Natale nei Dischi a 78 Giri (1916-1955) (Materiali Sonori)

Various – Boogu Yagga Gal: Jamaican Mento (Heritage)
Various – Jamaica – Mento, 1951-1958 (Fremeaux)
Various – Mento Madness (V2)

Rinsho Kadekaru – Jiru – Rare Tracks of Rinsho Kadekaru (Far Side Music)
Ryojin Kin – Okinawa Ongaku no Seizui 1 (Far Side Music)
Ryojin Kin, Seizui Isagawa, Seiho Furugen – Okinawa Ongaku no Seizui 2 (Far Side Music)
Seiho Furugen, Kenpo Nakadomari, Harayuki Miyazato, Seisho Okuma – Okinawa Ongaku no Seizui 3 (Far Side Music)
Various – Okinawa Ongaku no Seizui 4 (Far Side Music)

Jewish/Judaica (Yiddish, Cantorial, etc., see also Algeria)
Ben Baruch – Complete Recordings, 1949-1950 (Sub-Rosa)
Naftule Brandwein – King of the Klezmer Clarinet (Rounder)
Dave Tarras – Yiddish-American Klezmer Music, 1925-56 (Yazoo)
Richard Tucker – Welcoming the Sabbath (Sony)
Various – Beyond Recall (Bear Family)
Various – Cantors, Klezmorim and Crooners (JSP)
Various – Chekhov’s Band: Eastern European Klezmer Music, 1908-1913 (Renair)
Various – Di Eybike Mame – The Eternal Mother: Women in Yiddish Theater and Popular Song (Wergo)
Various – Klezmer! Jewish Music from Old World to Our World (Yazoo)
Various – Klezmer Music: Early Yiddish Instrumental Music, The First Recordings, 1908-1927 (Arhoolie)
Various – Klezmer Pioneers: European and American Recordings, 1905-1952 (Rounder)
Various – Mysteries of the Sabbath: Classic Cantorial Recordings, 1907-47 (Yazoo)
Various – Populäre Jüdische Künstler – Berlin Hamburg München – Music & Entertainment, 1903-1933 (Trikont)
Various – Populäre Jüdische Künstler – Wein – Music & Entertainment, 1903-1936 (Trikont)
Various – Yiddish: New York – Paris – Varsovie, 1910-1940 (Fremeaux)
Various – Yikhes: Early Klezmer, 1911-1939 (Trikont)

George Kukabi: Kenyan Guitar Master (Elijah Wald)
Various – Yodelers, Guitars, and Accordeons: Classic Kikuyu Music (Elijah Wald)

Latin (General – includes Latin American, etc.)
Enric Madriguera – The Minute Samba, 1932-1950 (Harlequin)
Carlos Molina – 1942-1946 (Harlequin)
Chuy Reyes & His Orchestra – 1947-1950 (Harlequin)
Edmundo Ros – Vol. 2: Tropical Magic, 1942-1944 (Harlequin)
Edmundo Ros – Vol. 5: La Comparsa, 1948 (Harlequin)
Edmundo Ros – Vol. 6: Chocolate, Whiskey and Vanilla Gin, 1948-1949 (Harlequin)
Edmundo Ros – Mambo Jambo (Harlequin)
Los Amigos Panamericanos – s/t (Harlequin)

Various – The Music of Madagascar: Classic Traditional Recordings of the 1930s (Yazoo)
Various – Musiques de la Cote et des Haute Pleateux – Anthologie 1929-1931 (Fremeaux)

Malta’s Lost Voices: The Early Shellac Recordings (1931-1932) (Filfla)

México (including South Texas recordings)
Bandas Sinaloenses – Musica Tambora (Arhoolie)
Beto Villa – Father of the Tejano Orchestra (Arhoolie)
Cuarteto Coculense – The Very First Mariachi Recordings, 1908-1909 (Arhoolie)
Don Santiago Jiménez, Sr. – His First and Last Recordings, 1937 & 1979 (Arhoolie)
Don Santiago Jiménez, Sr. – Viva Seguin (Arhoolie)
El Ciego Melquiades – San Antonio House Party (Arhoolie)
Las Hermanas Mendoza – Juanita y Maria (Arhoolie)
Las Hermanas Segovia – Puñaladas de Amor (Arhoolie)
Lydia Mendoza – First Queen of Tejano Music (Arhoolie)
Lydia Mendoza – Mal Hombre (Arhoolie)
Lydia Mendoza – Vida Mia (Arhoolie)
Los Alegres de Teran – Original Recordings 1952-1954 (Arhoolie)
Los Montañeses Del Amamo – First Recordings, 1940-1950 (Arhoolie)
Los Pavos Reales – Early Hits (cassette only) (Arhoolie)
Maya y Cantú – El Primero Conjunto Norteño Famoso (Arhoolie)
Mariachi Coculense de Cirilo Marmolejo – México’s Pioneer Mariachis, Vol. 1: Mariachi Coculense de Cirilo Marmolejo, 1926-1936 (Arhoolie)
Mariachi Tapatío de José Marmolejo – México’s Pioneer Mariachis, Vol. 2: Mariachi Tapatío de José Marmolejo, El Auténtico (Arhoolie)
Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán – México’s Pioneer Mariachis, Vol. 3: Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, First Recordings: 1937-1947 (Arhoolie)
Narciso Martínez – Father of the Texas-Mexican Conjunto (Arhoolie)
Raul “El Ruco” Martínez – Dueto Alegre (Arhoolie)
Pedro J. González & Los Madrugadores, et. al. – 1931-1937 (Arhoolie)
Various – 15 Early Tejano Classics (Arhoolie)
Various – 15 Regional Music Classics (Arhoolie)
Various – 15 Tex-Mex Conjunto Classics (Arhoolie)
Various – Accordion Conjunto Champs (Arhoolie)
Various – Corridos y Tragedias de la Frontera (Arhoolie)
Various – Mexican Boleros: Songs of Heartbreaking, Passion and Pain, 1927-1957 (Trikont)
Various – The Mexican Revolution (Arhoolie)
Various – Norteño and Tejano Accordion Pioneers (Arhoolie)
Various – Orquestas de Cuerdas (Arhoolie)
Various – Orquestas Tejanas (Arhoolie)
Various – Orquestas Tipicas (Arhoolie)
Various – Pachuco Boogie (Arhoolie)
Various – The Pioneer Recording Artists (Arhoolie)
Various – Raices Tejanas (Arhoolie)
Various – Roots of the Narcocorrido (Arhoolie)
Various – San Antonio’s Conjuntos (Arhoolie)
Various – The Soulful Women Duets of South Texas (Arhoolie)
Various – The Women (Tejano Roots series) (Arhoolie)

Middle East (General)
Various – The Music of Arab-Americans: A Retrospective Collection (Rounder)

New Zealand
Ana Hato Raua Ko Deane Waretini – Legendary Recordings, 1927-1949 (Kiwi Pacific)
The Tahiwis – Te Whanau Tahiwi Historic Recordings (Atoll)

Domingo Justus – Roots of Juju, 1928 (Heritage)
Various – Awon Ojise Olorum: Popular Music in Yorubaland 1930s-1950s (Savannahphone)
Various – Delta Dandies: Dance Bands in Nigeria 1936-1941 (Savannahphone)
Various – Juju Roots, 1930s-1950s (Rounder)

North Africa (general)
Various – Arab Andalous Music and Kabyle Songs – A Musical Trip to Mahgreb Vol. 1 (?? – available via Far Side Music)
Various – The Secret Museum of Mankind: North Africa (Yazoo)

Various – Fire In the Mountains: Polish Mountain Fiddle Music Volumes 1 & 2 (Yazoo)
Various – Polish Village Music (Arhoolie)

Armandinho – 1928-29 HMV sessions (Tradisom) (formerly a Heritage release)
Ercilia Costa & Armandinho (Tradisom) (formerly a Heritage release)
Antonio Menano – s/t (Tradisom) (formerly a Heritage release)
Amalia Rodrigues – A Rainha do Fado: Complete Recordings 1945-1952 (Blue Moon)
Various – Fado de Lisboa 1928-1936 (Tradisom) (formerly a Heritage release)
Various – Fado: Lisboa – Coimbra, 1926-1941 (Fremeaux)
Various – Fado’s Archives Vol. III: Lisbon Women, 1928-1931 (Heritage)
Various – Fados de Coimbra (Tradisom) (formerly a Heritage release)

Puerto Rico
Bobby Capo – 1940-1944 (Harlequin)
César Concepción – 1948 (Harlequin)
Cuarteto Mayarí – 1931-1942 (Harlequin)
Davilita – 1932-1939 (Harlequin)
Fausto Delgado – 1929-1942 (Harlequin)
Pedro Flores – 1935-1938 (Harlequin)
Rafael Hernandez – 1932-1939 (Harlequin)
Rafael Hernandez y Pedro Flores – Puerto Rico Canta (?? – available via Far Side Music)
Los Jardineros – The Best of Los Jardineros: Classic Recordings By Puerto Rico’s Legendary String Band Ensemble (1929-1932) (Yazoo)
Ramón “Moncho” Usera – 1941-1942 (Harlequin)
Rafael Muñoz – Rafael Muñoz, Vol. 2 (Harlequin)
Rafael Muñoz – Rafael Muñoz, Vol. 3 (Harlequin)
Johnny Rodriguez – 1936-1940 (Harlequin)
Pepito Torres and y Orquesta Siboney – 1940-1943 (Harlequin)
Various – Lamento Borincano: Early Puerto Rican Music: 1916-1939 (Arhoolie)

Joseph Moskowitz – The Art of the Cymbalom: The Music of Joseph Moskowitz, 1916-1953 (Rounder)
Various – Cântece du Bucureştii de altădată (Star Media Music)
Various – Melodii du Bucureştijul odinioară 1 (Electrecord)
Various – Popular Songs from Bucharest (EMP)
Zavaidoc – Comori ale muzicii româneşti (Electrecord)
Zavaidoc – Am un foc la inimioară (Star Media Music)

James Scott Skinner – The Strathspey King (Temple)
Will Starr – The Early Years, Vols. 1 & 2 (Ross Records)
Various – 60 Years of Scottish Gaelic (Fremeaux)

Various – Slovak Csardas: Dance Tunes from the Pennyslvania Coal Mines, 1928-1930 (Heritage)

Various – Slovenia USA: Slovenian Music Made in America (JSP)

South Africa
R.T. Caluza – Caluza’s Double Quartet, 1930 (Heritage)
Manhattan Brothers – The Very Best of the Manhattan Brothers (Sterns)
Various – Mbube Roots – Zulu Choral Music from South Africa, 1930s-1960s (Rounder)

Aires de Terra – s/t (Ouvirmos)
Cantigas e Agarimos – Na Algalia de Arriba (Ouvirmos)
Manolo Carocol – El Genio (EMI International)
Coro Cántigas da Terra – Estampas Coruñesas, 1921-1928 (Ouvirmos)
Coro de Ruada – Escena Coral Galega (Ouvirmos)
Coro Toxos e Froles – Romaxe Galega, 1922 (Ouvirmos)
Manuel Dopazo – Crónicas Porteñnas (Ouvirmos)
La Nina de los Peines – Grabaciones Discos De Pizarra 1930-1940 (Phantom Sound & Vision)
La Nina de los Peines – Great Masters of Flamenco Vol. 3 (Chant du Monde)*
La Nina de los Peines – La Reina del Canta Flamenco (?? – available via Far Side Music)
La Nina de los Peines – Testimonios de la Historia del Flamenco (Phantom Sound and Vision)
La Nina de los Peines – La Voz De Interes Cultural (EMI)
Ramon Montoya – Flamenco L’Art de Ramón Montoya, 1934-1936 (Fremeaux)
Manuel Quiroga & Marta Leman – De Violino e Piano (Ouvirmos)
Manuel Quiroga & Marta Leman – Pontevedra París, 1912 (Ouvirmos)
Os Dezas de Moneixas – As Cartas Sonoras (Ouvirmos)
Os Gaiteiros de Soutelo – Terra de Montes (Ouvirmos)
Tomas Pavon – Testimonios de la Historia del Flamenco (Phantom Sound and Vision)
Fausto Santalices – Gravacions Historicas de Zanfona, 1929-1949 (Boa)
Sociedad Coral Polifónica de Pontevedra – Unha Voz na Polifonía E (Ouvirmos)
Various – Early Cante Flamenco (Arhoolie)
Various – Voice of Spain: Spanish Regional Music, 1927-1931 (Heritage)

*It appears that the entire set save La Nina’s entry has been discontinued.

August and Janne Bohlin – Violin and Nyckelharpa 1912-1913 (Tongang – out of print)
Carl Jularbo – På fest hos Jularbo (Albophone)
Hjort Anders Olsson – s/t (Giga)
Per Sundin – Kontrabasharpa 1914 (Tongang – out of print)
Various – Fiddle Tunes from Orsa (Hurv)
Various – Musica Sveciae: Folk Music in Sweden 11, Spelmän från fem landskap (Caprice)

Various – Luk Thung: Classic and Obscure 78s from the Thai Countryside (Parlortone)

Cheikh El Afrite – Jewish-Arab Song Treasures (Buda Musique)

Rabbi Isaac Algazi – Singing Ottoman – Turkish and Ottoman – Jewish Music (Kalan)
Bayram Araci – s/t (Kalan)
Safiye Ayla – s/t (Kalan)
Udi Yorgo Bacanos – s/t (Traditional Crossroads)
Refik Basaran – Sen Olasin Urgup (Kalan)
Hafiz Kemal Bey – Vasfını Bu Resme Tertip Ettiler (Kalan)
Tanburi Cemil Bey – Vol. I (Traditional Crossroads)
Tanburi Cemil Bey – Vols. II and III (Traditional Crossroads)
Tanburi Cemil Bey – Vols. IV and V (Traditional Crossroads)
Hafiz Burhan – Askin Gozyaslari (Kalan)
Mesut Cemil – 1902-1963 (Kalan)
Haim Efendi – An Early Twentieth-Century Sephardi Troubador: The Historical Recordings of Haim Efendi of Turkey (Jewish Music Research Centre)
Celal Güzelses – Bir Güzel Ki (Coşkun)
Celal Güzelses – Klasikler 2 (Kılıç)
Tenekeci Mahmut Guzelgoz – s/t (Kalan)
Kel Hamza, Mukim Tahir, Bekçi Bakir – Three Master Musicians of Urfa (Kalan)
Nerkis Hanim, Lale Hanim – Lale-Nerkis Hanimlar (Kalan)
Seyyan Hanim – Tangolar (Kalan)
Udi Hrant – The Early Recordings, Volume 1 (Traditional Crossroads)
Udi Hrant – The Early Recordings, Volume 2 (Traditional Crossroads)
Sadettin Kaynak – Original Recordings: Hafiz Sadettin Kaynak (Kalan)
Zeki Muren – The Songs of Sadettin Kaynak (Kalan)
Picoglu Osman – Odeon Yallari (Odeon)
Ibrahim Ozgur – Tangos from Ibrahim Ozgur (Kalan)
Resat Aysu Saz Semaileri – Taner Sayacioglu, Ozman Nuri Ozpekel (Kalan)
Ustad Munir Nurettin Selcuk – Turkish Classical Song Master (Buda Musique)
Müzeyyen Senar – Odeon Yılları 2 (Odeon)
Hafiz Serif – Erzincanli Hafiz Serif (Kalan)
Zarali Halil Soyler – s/t (Kalan)
Haydar Tatliyay – Violinist Haydar Tatliyay (Kalan)
Sukru Tunar – s/t (Kalan)
Mackali Hasan Tunc – Divane Asik Gibi (Kalan)
Asik Veysel – s/t (Kalan) [2nd CD from 78s]
Various – Gazeller 1: Gazals on 78rpm Records (Kalan)
Various – Gazeller 2: Gazals on 78rpm Records (Kalan)
Various – Gazeller 3: Gazels on 78rpm Records (Kalan)
Various – Gecmisten Gunumuze Tangolar (Kalan)
Various – Great Voices from Constantinople, 1927-1933 (Rounder)
Various – Haydar, Haydar: Masters of Turkish Music, Vol.3 (Rounder)
Various – Istanbul 1925 (Traditional Crossroads)
Various – Kantolar (1905- 1945) (Kalan)
Various – Masters of Turkish Music (Rounder)
Various – Masters of Turkish Music, Vol. 2 (Rounder)
Various – Masters of Turkish Music: Kemençe (Kalan)
Various – Masters of Turkish Music: Ney (Kalan)
Various – Masters of Turkish Music: Ud (Kalan)
Various – The Ottoman Military Music in 78rpm Records (Kalan)
Various – To Scratch Your Heart: Early Recordings from Istanbul (Honest Jons)
Various – Turkish Tradition: Masterpieces of Turkish Musical Culture (JSP)
Various – Women of Istanbul (Traditional Crossroads)

Pawlo Humeniuk – King of the Ukrainian Fiddlers (Arhoolie)
Various – Ukrainian and Lemko String Bands in America (JSP)
Various – Ukrainian Village Music: Historic Recordings, 1928-1933 (Arhoolie)

Various – 15 World Music Classics (Arhoolie)
Various – Before the Revolution: A 1909 Recording Expedition In the Caucasus and Central Asia By the Gramophone Company (Topic)
Various – Black Mirror: Reflections in Global Musics (Dust-to-Digital)
Various – Blowers from the Balkans (Topic)
Various – Brass Pins and Match Heads (Canary)
Various – Byzantine Music, 78rpm Orfeon-Odeon (1914-1926) (Kalan)
Various – Excavated Shellac: Strings (Dust-to-Digital)
Various – Excavated Shellac: Reeds (Dust-to-Digital)
Various – Gay Life in Dikanka: R. Crumb’s Old Time Favourites (Bakhall)
Various – Global Accordion: Early Recordings (Wergo)
Various – Hot Women: Women Singers from the Torrid Regions (Kein & Aber)
Various – Latin Crooners: Sentimental Songs/Cuba – Bresil – Argentine – Mexique, 1930-1949 (Fremeaux)
Various – Latin Divas: Bresil – Mexique – Argentine – Cuba, 1926-1954 (Fremeaux)
Various – Melodeon Greats (Topic)
Various – Music! 1900-2000 – 100 Years of the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv (Wergo)
Various – Open Strings (Honest Jons) [1st disc only]
Various – The Secret Museum of Mankind, Volumes 1-5 (Yazoo)
Various – Sprigs of Time: 78s from the EMI Archive (Honest Jons)
Various – Squeeze Play: A World Accordion Anthology (Rounder)
Various – Stranded in the USA: Early Songs of Immigration (Trikont)
Various – String of Pearls (Canary)
Various – To What Strange Place: The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora, 1916-1929 (Tomkins Square)
Various – Unheard Ofs and Forgotten Abouts (Tomkins Square/Pawn)
Various – Vereda Tropical: 36 Chefs D’oeuvre D’Amerique Latine; Cuba, Mexique, Porto Rico (Fremeaux)
Various – Victrola Favorites: Artifacts of Bygone Days (Dust-to-Digital)

Billo’s Caracas Boys – 1941-1944 (Harlequin)

Various – Nho Viet Nam Xua; Nostalgique Vietnam: Chansons de charme, poemes et prieres 1937-1954 (Buda Musique)

West Africa (general)
Various – Living Is Hard: West African Music in Britain, 1927-1929 (Honest Jons)
Various – Marvellous Boy: Calypso from West Africa (Honest Jons)

Alick Nhkata – Shalopo (RetroAfric)

George Sibanda – The Legendary George Sibanda (Sharp Wood)

37 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Just stumbled on the fantastic series “Archives de la musique turque” on harmonia mundi/ocora – unbelievable liner notes, as well.

  2. Hey Tony – Are those actually in print? If you have proof that they are, let me know and I will add them to the list. Scanning around, I wasn’t sure —

  3. This cd is not yet included in your list:

    Algérie. Panorama de L’Oranais 1937-1946.
    The voice of Maghreb. (Buda Music 2001)

    I am not sure if it’s still in print but you can check it out.

    BTW: I love your site. Great work!!!

  4. I am familiar with that CD – it’s great. It was removed from the Buda Musique site some time ago, therefore I left it off the list, as it seems to have been discontinued.

  5. hi!i’m from greece and i wonder if you can help me to find informations about a greek musician and singer.his name was Konstantis Akasoglou-his nick name was sinap or sinam (i’m not so sure witch of those).he was living in Nikomedia of Smyrne till 1920s and then he moved in Astoria USA.I know that he was singing Turkish songs and made lots of discs.Unfortunatelly i can’t find more informations about him.thank you in advance for your time and i’m looking foreward to hear from you

  6. Robert Crumb’s “Hot Women: Women Singers from the Torrid Regions” is good listening and still in print but not listed.

  7. Forgot to mention in previous message the four vintage African collections available from writer/musician Elijah Wald at

    Classic Kikuyu Music
    George Mukabi
    Jean-Bosco Mwenda & Edouard Masengo
    Jean-Bosco Mwenda and Friends

    They’re all copied from tapes Wald picked up in Africa in the 1990s, but the originals for the two Jean-Bosco Mwenda disks were mostly 78s (aside from some tracks from an old radio interview with Edouard Masengo), and the tapes for the other two presumably also came from 78s. Among other things the “& Friends” album includes the only tracks i know of by Losta Abelo and a couple of cuts by Alick Nkatha that aren’t on “Shalapo” collection

    Also “The Very Best of the Manhattan Brothers” on Stern’s Africa is still in print.

    And in case anyone ever compiles a list of MP3 albums that aren’t generally available on CD, one that should definitely be on the list (in addition to the digitized version of the Excavated Shellac LP) is Popular Music — Ghana 1931-1957,

    The home site — (seems to be at the University of Basel) — gives a link to order it on CD, but I haven’t tried that and so can’t vouch for the seller. The album includes cuts by Appiah Adjekum’s Band, where the guitar highlife great E.K. Nyame got his start, and by something called E.K.Anang’s Band, which is a dead ringer for E,K.’s No. 1 Band, (See Wolfgang Bender’s sadly out of print Music in Ghana.

  8. Thanks very much for contributing, Sam! I’ve added those discs, and the Arion Music CD, too (Ghana), even though the link on the site at U. of Basel doesn’t seem to work.

    1. For what it’s worth, “Ghana Popular Music 1931-1957” is available on cd at, but at 20 euros and change plus shipping, it’s out of my league. Sure would like a look at the John Collins liner notes, though.

  9. Two more suggestions (i think this is the end of what I can offer):

    Frank Fairfield’s collection “Unheard Ofs & Forgotten Abouts” on Tompkins Square/Pawn
    (Four of the 16 tracks are from the continental United States, which may stretch your rules, but other than that, the Hermanos Huesca tag-team version of “La Bamba” alone is worth the price.)

    “The Legendary George Sibanda” on SWP
    Although this disk is from Michael Baird’s massive compilation of Hugh Tracey’s work, i’m pretty sure it doesn’t fall under the “no field recordings” rule. Baird copied as many of the tracks as possible from the crumbling original tapes at Tracey’s International Library of African Music, but most of this album had to be lifted from 78s. Not sure how many of those 78s were on the ILAM label and how many were on Gallotone.

  10. Sam – Thanks for the Fairfield disc – I can’t believe I left that out, and that has been added!

    RE: Sibanda. I’ve added it. You are correct, about 50% of those selections are from 78s. The remaining 50% appear to be from Tracey’s tapes (ILAM LPs were from tape, not 78s – usually Tracey’s tapes were different than what was issued on 78 by Gallo, as far as I can tell), a few appear to be dubs from LPs, and about 12 are from 78s.

  11. Makes my day to see that Dust to Digital has finally posted a release date for your Opika Pende box set. Only question now is how we’re all supposed to wait until October 25.

  12. I was wondering if you have any info on Rosina Gioiosa, a Sicilian singer from the 1920’s. IT seems extremely hard to find her recordings and any info at all. I have two 78’s by her. If anybody has any info please let me know. Thank you very much. I really enjoy your site and the music is wonderful. Thank you.

  13. Hi,
    Is there a reason you didn’t mention “L’Orient des Grecs-The Orient o the Greeks” (Buda Musique)? It seems to be still in print and offers a good overview of Smyrneïko. Rita Abadzi’s addicts can go for it!

  14. Hi …just two comments on our Grass Skirt Hawaiian reissues. Firstly the Sam Ku West Cd is now deleted although some retailers will have copies for a while. Secondly last year we issued ” Genial Hawaiians” by Jim and Bob ( 12 sides) and George Ku’s Paradise Islanders ( 12 sides).
    Also worth including in the list of Hawaiian reissues would be “Paris,Plages d’Hawaii” on Paris Jazz Corner…a collection of Parisian recordings of Hawaiian guitarists from the 30s

  15. Hello Jonathan- this list is very helpful, as is the entire ES site. Here are some CD additions, which appear to still be in print and feature wholly or primarily 78s:

    – Early America Cajun Music (Blind Uncle Gaspard et al) on Yazoo. Some of the most arresting Cajun music I’ve ever heard

    – A couple of 2-CD sets of Quebec 78s- “100 Ans de Musique Traditionnelle Quebecoise”. The first two volumes are mostly 78s. These sets still seem to be widely available. Transit label

    – Azmari Tessema Eshete- Centennial of the First Ethiopian Music Recordings (part of the Ethiopiques CD series)- from Buda Music

    I also wanted to let you know about my new site- This is my attempt at a fresh take on old recordings of world music.


    1. Thanks, Richard – much appreciated. I’ve added them. I don’t know how I missed Ethiopiques Vol 27, as I’ve had it for years!

      1. Hi Sam – Historically it’s a very important collection and the notes have great detail. Unfortunately, the sound suffers from an extraordinary amount of noise reduction – like listening to early acoustic recordings underwater. So I’ve been told, this is because no one has had access to the original discs in Addis for a proper transfer (they are very rare – the Addis copies may be the only complete set, and since then at least some have been accidentally destroyed, according to Rainer Lotz). Therefore these came from old tape transfers of those discs – I believe the heavy noise reduction may have been used to temper tape hiss (just a theory). Also – I believe these discs, with perhaps a different mix, are on Rainer Lotz’s newly issued “Black Europe” set.

  16. Thank you. Weird sound quality mostly doesn’t bother me. some of my earliest and fondest musical memories are of Basil Rathbone narrating Peter and the Wolf on a set of old (long-vanished) 78s, and classical music playing over a crappy little red plastic tube radio at the barber shop while I sneaked looks at the Police Gazette. I’ll check out Black Europe, and thanks for the tip.

    1. Sure, no problem. Well, I admit to being a bit of a hardass about good sound quality, especially with items this rare, and with the technology available today at very reasonable cost. It doesn’t take too much to get it at least sounding decent. Excessive noise reduction actually removes the music, not just the noise – that listening-under-a-wet-blanket-in-the-deep-end-of-a-pool sound. I really don’t think there’s any excuse for it. I’d rather have a flat transfer with no clean-up whatsoever. Excessive noise reduction turns a release that could also double as a preservation and restoration project into a missed opportunity.

    1. Thanks, Sam! Just added the great World Arbiter CD. Leaving out “Gods” as it’s a field recording CD set and I decided to limit it to collections that just predominantly feature commercial 78 recordings.

  17. Stumbled onto this one a few days ago:
    Various – “The Road to Rembetika” (Traditional Crossroads). Comes with a 190-page book on the subject, with words in Greek and English translation to a long list of songs, some on the CD and many others not.
    Also congratulations on both the “Reeds” collection (at last) and the expanded CD of “Strings.”

  18. Hi Jonathan,
    Would you be interested in an article about an unexcavated item on shellac?
    It is in Dutch and was recentlu published.
    Translated title: A Greek Needle in an American Haystack
    It is about my quest to trace a Columbia record, containing two private recordings by a Greek “accordion”-player from Steubenville Ohio.’
    I didn’t find the needle, but was lucky enough to find the grandson of the guy in Florida (in his eighties) and fortunately he still had ……
    And it was not an accordion…
    Hugo Strötbaum
    (do you still have an e-mail address?)

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