June 1, 2007

Some stickers and stamps from ancient 78rpm record shops, found on records and sleeves…

vic.jpg  menestrel.jpg  cast.jpg

penang.jpg  bamako.jpg  alberti.jpg

losangeles.jpg  pamplona.jpg  singapore.jpg

upizzi.jpg  moritz.jpg  kyway.jpg

onitsha.jpg  highlands.jpg  winghing.jpg

joe.jpg  casa.jpg  brussels.jpg

10 Responses to “Ghosts”

  1. EL CHAVO! said

    Those look neat. I like the Casa America Sociedad Anonima (that’s intriguing) and the one that tells Mexicans to be patriotic and buy from a Mexican owned shop!

  2. JW said

    Yes, I love that sticker too. Thanks for checking them out. Not all shops had stickers, and most get rubbed off – it’s the odd record that still has one intact. Digging for 78s in L.A. you come across the sticker for the shop on North Main St. all the time. They must have done a brisk business. It’s a great graphic.

  3. rmillis said


  4. JW said

    Thank you!

  5. sroden said

    great stuff! a year or so ago, i had a few greek records arrive broken, but i kept the label areas for little stickers just like these…

  6. purlygrrrl said

    These are totally beautiful– the fonts! They seem really tactile.

  7. JW said

    Thank you – glad you enjoy them. At some point I’ll whip up a graphic gallery of import stickers & stamps which were also often affixed to 78s…

  8. purlygrrrl said

    That would be fabulous. I can’t wait to see it.

  9. What a nice collection. This is is all new to me.

  10. Adam said

    Along with the mechanical copyright stamps, I actively collect these stickers.
    for many scans from around the world, with a focus on Australia & New Zealand.

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