Lidya Mendoza – Olvidarte Jamás

August 6, 2007

lidya-mw.jpgThere’s precious little that can compare with the unmistakable voice and guitarra doble of Lidya Mendoza, also known as “La Alondra de la Frontera,” or “The Lark of the Border.”

Lidya (commonly known as “Lydia”) was born in 1916 and began singing with her family in the Plaza del Zacate of San Antonio at a young age. In 1928, the Mendoza Family recorded 10 sides for the Okeh label. However, in the early 1930s, she signed a 10 year contract with the Victor subsidiary Bluebird, and recorded hundreds of tejano classics.

This canción, uncompiled as far as I know, was recorded on August 12th, 1935, in San Antonio’s Texas Hotel. The title translates to “I Will Not Forget You.” Her 78s can be found, but most often in one condition: trashed! They were well loved, and finding a decent copy of any early Mendoza is a good thing.

She is a legend, and there’s little else but hyperbole I can add to her biography. For more, go here. Or here. And if you’re interested in music, please go to the Arhoolie label and check out their fine Mendoza releases.

Lidya Mendoza – Olvidarte Jamás

As a recent reader noted, Lydia Mendoza passed away on December 20, 2007. The New York Times obit can be read here.

Technical Notes
Label: Montgomery Ward
Issue Number: M-4866
Matrix Number: B-2379A

9 Responses to “Lidya Mendoza – Olvidarte Jamás”

  1. chimatli said

    What an awesome song!

  2. millis said

    A good thing indeed…
    I want this record.

  3. JW said

    Glad you both enjoyed it!

  4. mrowster said

    This is great. Dare I reveal that – today, and today only – it’s getting the nod over that live medley from side two of ZZ TOP’s Fandango? Yep.

  5. JW said

    It’s alright – it’s all Texas! Thanks for listening, as always!

  6. Alberto P. Orozco said

    What a treat! I first heard that song on a vitrola in 1937…in Dolores, Texas (mining town in south Texas). Had all her 78, but they all disappear…Can you add more of her songs..?Thanks..took an imaginary trip to another time.

  7. Adrian said

    R.I.P. Lydia Mendoza
    died 20 December 2007, age 91 in San Antonio, TX

  8. Dax said

    How about another one in memory of Lydia?

  9. Mr. J said

    I actually get teary-eyed listening to this…gorgeous voice and wonderful in every way…

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