DIY Excavated Shellac Sampler CD

cd-front-small.jpgA lot of music has been posted on this site, and all of it is still available. If you cull everything from the very start of the blog, April 14, 2007, up through September 12th’s entry, you have about 75 minutes of lost music.

I decided to put together simple, downloadable artwork for the Excavated Shellac Sampler CD, Volume 1, for those interested in doing something with this music other than a) keeping it on your hard drive, or b) putting it on an iPod. Which may cd-back-small.jpgbe, in fact, nobody, but what the hell.

So, here are the high-res covers: front and back. These will work for any regular sized CD case. Then, number your tracks – I went ahead and created a track list to follow, which appears on the back cover template, so you can copy that – or make your own if you like to agonize over such stuff, as I obviously do. Print!

Transfer your mp3s to .wav files and burn the CD – I use a program called Switch to transfer, but there’s lots of software that does this. You know all this already, I know. Sigh…

7 thoughts on “DIY Excavated Shellac Sampler CD

  1. Well, now seems like an appropriate time to make my first comment on this site…

    I must admit that I’ve already compiled the first batch of your excavated tunes onto a CD for myself – in fact, my computer speakers are so horrible that I held off listening to them properly until I had enough to fill a disc. I kept them in the order you posted them, however, and ended at track 24 (Urbano A. Zafra – Danza Filipina) – which seemed like the perfect piece to end an album.

    Thanks so much for making all this music available – the effort you put into this blog is really appreciated. I’m really looking forward to the day when there is enough for a second disc!

    Best wishes,

  2. Hey Jon,

    A fantastic collection of music from the world and now jewel case artwork too. Wow! Thanks again for all the time and effort. Into the car it goes on endless rotation. Ciao! Chris

  3. its my first visit to this site via el chavo’s links and man, you are rad!
    i’m excited to start my musical adventure as i go back to your previous posts. the gift of music is love. gracias

  4. hi,
    just discovered your excellent blog today, but unfortunately all the earlier links seem to be dead. is there a way to re-post them somewhere, as i would be very interested in burning myself the compilation CD above.
    cheers from germany ! 🙂

  5. Thanks for stopping by! Like most other mp3 blogs, I have had to keep the downloads limited, due to bandwidth space. There are 33 more recent tracks to download, though 🙂

    The older tracks may be returning in the relatively near future under a slightly different guise, so keep checking back.

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