Excavated Shellac Archives Now Available

May 29, 2009

Hello all –

As mentioned in a previous post, Excavated Shellac is now part of the Free Music Archive hosted by WFMU. I’m happy to announce that the vast majority of Excavated Shellac tracks are now available for all and sundry. More will be uploaded, gradually, as the blog continues (and there will be a post coming soon…I promise). I’ve also created a mix of fiddle pieces from the archives. Have fun with them, listen, comment, and enjoy.

Excavated Shellac on the Free Music Archive

5 Responses to “Excavated Shellac Archives Now Available”

  1. a young man said

    Hey, thank you so very much for all of your labors. I greatly appreciate the fact that you are so generous with your fantastic collection of 78’s. It is because of people like yourself that I have hope for the future of humanity! thank you!

  2. JW said

    That’s really nice of you to say – thank you.

  3. gracenotes said

    Thanks again, Jonathan. I’ve started picking up from FMA the ones I missed before I found Excavated Shellac. To single out just one… that one by Kwaku Addae and Band is a real stunner – lovely guitar.

  4. Casey said

    Yay! Thank you!

  5. can’t find words to thank you for sharing this treasures…

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