Excavated Shellac’s files have now moved to a new host and are once again available (thanks to Jim Stephenson for the tip). It took a few hours of wrangling, but everything should be a-ok. Please let me know if there is a problem.

You will still not see any ads – this is an ad-free zone! (Except if it’s a plug for something 78rpm-friendly.) The only minor difference will be that Windows users will no longer be able to right click the file to download. Just click on it normally and you should be fine from there!

Also – I re-established links for all the tracks in the archive that are now part of WFMU’s Free Music Archive. So, track links will take you directly to the page on WFMU’s site where you can listen and download.

Thanks for your patience and for continuing to stop by. There’s lot of great music on the way. Coming up in a few days, a killer guest post from Ian Nagoski. See you soon —


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