Excavated Shellac: Strings

February 11, 2010

Coming soon on Parlortone, from Dust-to-Digital. Fourteen all-new, restored, previously unreleased tracks (never before featured on the Excavated Shellac site) featuring performances on string instruments from around the world.

24 Responses to “Excavated Shellac: Strings”

  1. João Nicolau said

    Fantastic news! I’m a fan of Excavated Shellac and want to thank you for all the great music you make available. Best regards from Portugal, João.

  2. JW said

    Thanks, João. That’s nice of you to say!

  3. icastico said

    Nice cover art. I am sure it will be an excellent collection. Best of luck with it.

  4. Alexander said

    I’m not only a fan of Excavated Shellac, but I’m a HUGE fan of Dust-to-Digital, so I will be DEFINITELY getting this…

  5. Alexander said

    Any idea of a release date yet?

  6. JW said

    Glad to hear it, Alexander! Design was by Rob Millis, of Victrola Favorites/Climax Golden Twins fame. An 11×17 double-sided sheet is enclosed with notes, written in the Excavated Shellac style…which I hope you will enjoy.

  7. JW said

    Should be next month (March). When I known an exact date, I’ll post.

  8. picturesclerk said

    exquisite, I know it will be!

  9. tony said

    no @#%^$^@^$$$$ way! finally! congratulations!!!!!

  10. Vic Perry said

    I’m very excited about this Jon! You’ve had a meteoric impact on my listening habits for more than a decade now…

  11. JW said

    Vic, you’re the best —

  12. This is awesome. Will definitely be picking this up!

  13. John Bennet said

    This appears to be available to order via Parlortone and Amazon in the UK, with a release date of 19 April.

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  15. Alexander said

    Got my copy yesterday and have listened to it twice already. Absolutely stunning. Truly, one of the best releases I’ve heard this year.

    I plugged it on my blog today. Really, first rate job.

  16. JW said

    Thank you, Alexander! I really appreciate it!

  17. Colin Rackelman said

    Amazing work!! My copy arrived today and I can’t stop smiling… Please continue doing this, my mind is blown.

  18. JW said

    Thank you, Colin! Very nice of you!

  19. Matt said

    Thanks – this record is incredible… one of the best I’ve bought in years

  20. JW said

    Thanks, Matt!

  21. Matthew De Gennaro said

    hey jon, this is the best comp since the secret museum series. you nailed it in regards to (quality of) selections & sequencing. can see you’re attracted to sad beauty – lots of minor key stuff in there. can’t get over the alberto ruiz track. looking forward to more!

  22. JW said

    Thanks, Matthew! Coming from you that’s a real compliment!

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