Visual Iconography, Pt. 1


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15 thoughts on “Visual Iconography, Pt. 1

  1. Brilliant stuff! Have we heard any of these discs on Excavated Shellac or Opika P? Is there a systmatic study out there of record company iconography + who it was aimed at?

    1. Thank you. There will be more. No, there is no systematic study – some sleeves are rarer than the discs themselves. But they were aimed at the consumer, in the intended regions, countries, shops, large and small.

      1. Many thanks. On the imagery, I was struck by how variable it is: from idealised scenes on the HMV Bantu sleeve to strictly calligraphic on the Sodwa. Obviously designed to help records sell, but it would be interesting to see how successful (or otherwise) a big company like HMV was in meeting local sensibilities vs. more local companies. Great that you have managed to source sleeves too – the whole package (music, label + sleeve) is fascinating + so rarely presented. Might we hear some of these in the future on the blog? I hope so!

  2. these are awesome, thanks!
    just for the record (no pun intended), the rabbit brand label reads, approximately:

    “up-to-date records
    brand new songs, beautiful lyrics
    international rhythms, recorded using radio technology
    loud sound, clear listening, durable
    for sale, wholesale and retail, at
    the t. ngek chuan store
    4-way intersection, banglamphu, pratumai, phranakhon”

  3. You are lucky to have the record of Ahmad Al-Sheikh I don’t know if I have it, but this singer is great, he is on the list of my coming release “the early Syrian and Lebanese singers” of the beginning of the XXth century.

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