Pasquale Sciascia e Co. – Rusina alla Campagna

October 7, 2007

sciascia.jpgColumbia, in the late 1920s, released approximately 1300 records by Italian-American immigrants, for purchase usually at record stores within, or nearby, their communities across the United States. A wide variety of Italian regions were musically represented, and this one claims to be a song from the Abruzzo region, on the eastern coast of Italy.

As far as I can tell, little is known about Pasquale Sciascia and his musical troupe of violin, guitar, bass, flutes, and singers. Pity, because I really enjoy the singing on this track. Sciascia did record in New York City for the Brunswick label around the same time, and also with two other musicians as the “Trio Sciascia,” both for Columbia and Brunswick. This track was recorded in March of 1929. 

Pasquale Sciascia e Co. – Rusina alla Campagna

Technical Notes
Label: Columbia
Issue Number: 14455-F
Matrix Number: 110450 (2-A-3)

3 Responses to “Pasquale Sciascia e Co. – Rusina alla Campagna”

  1. maurizio said

    incredibile!!!!!!! veramente incredibile. grazie di cuore.
    incredible!!!!!!! truly incredible heart thanks.

  2. M.F. Tedesco said

    I wonder why the link for the sound file is inoperable.


  3. JW said

    Because I remove files after 6 months or so, due to bandwidth use. Please read the About/FAQ page for more information.

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