Wednesday, 10/10 – KXLU

I will be a guest on the KXLU (88.9) global music program, Wandering Medicine Show, this Wednesday from 8-9 pm, PST, in Los Angeles. You can stream the station live from their website, or hopefully tune in if you’re in the L.A. area. I will definitely be playing some nice material from across the globe – all from 78s, of course. I might use a couple of tracks from the blog, but the majority if not all of the material will be new.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday, 10/10 – KXLU

  1. sound great
    unfortunately i will not be able to listen to the show
    it would be great if you made it available afterwards on this exquisite place
    kind regards

  2. A fantastic show with many gems and certain new audio experiences for the thirty ears out there! Magnifico! Finally something worthy of the airwaves.

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